Cartoonists Northwest had its first camping trip this weekend and it sounds like it could become an annual thing. There were a few mishaps. Not long after our arrival on Friday, Scott discovered he had left our tent poles at home. Borrowing someone’s extra tent poles resulted in a rather lopsided tent. Then it rained that night heavily, and Saturday was entirely gray. But members made the best of all circumstances and filled their camping experience in Sequim with a scavenger hunt, designing camp flags with markers and card games. I wandered out to the beach during the wet weather and discovered that dozens of tiny crabs like to live in big rotting logs, and if you poke at them with a stick they scuttle around. There was a big campfire with a session of quick draw (a game where you call out a silly phrase and someone has to quickly illustrate it) and s’mores. Ghost stories were told. And Donna Barr gave everyone an appropriate Indian-style name, such as “Points at Starfish” and “Louder Than Brother.” One of the highlights was a drive out to Fat Smitty’s, where the Fat Smitty Burger is a down-home Big Mac few could finish and dollar bills are attached to the ceiling with the names of patrons written all over them. Billy Bob Thornton had stopped in a few hours before us and sat in Scott’s very stool. Why he was in Sequim is anyone’s guess. But we were there to enjoy CNW’s first camping trip, and everyone seemed enthusiastic about having another one next year. But this time in a warmer month please.

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