We’re trying out Netflix. So far I’m really enjoying it, because I hate going to video stores. I hate the aimless wandering, the indecisive back and forth, searching without finding or finding without anything in stock. The first Netflix rental was “His Kind of Woman” starring Robert Mitchum. This was the movie intended to launch Jane Russell’s career and I guess it worked. Jane was my kind of woman too. An hourglass figure not unlike my own, a touch of masculinity (also like me) and a wise-acre personality (once again). But the real reason Scott rented it is we’re apparently going to see the complete filmography of Raymond Burr. He played a villain you don’t see until the end. Although Raymond slapped some people around, the special treat was Vincent Price as a ham film actor and sportsman who ends up saving pretty much everybody like a swashbuckling Erol Flynn! He takes out far more bad guys than Robert Mitchum, but of course, it’s Mitchum that takes out Raymond Burr.

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