A friend of mine at worked admitted to me today that he LARPs. That’s Live Action Roleplaying to the uninitiated. He’s not in this video but he led us to it and what a great example of what that hobby is like. He also does Civil War re-enactments which has a level of respectability LARPing can’t seem to attain. Maybe if you watch the video you’ll see why. It’s hard to focus today because it’s a three day weekend, early dismissal, a team lunch at Red Robin and darn it, people are sending me LARPing videos. This is the weekend in Seattle for Bumbershoot. A few comics friends of mine will be manning a booth there so if you’re going, make it a point to stop by and see John Lustig or Keith Curtis. Old friends from Portland are at last making a trip up to Seattle so I plan on taking advantage of that this weekend, that will make up most of my Labor Day. But there will also be some more time spent preparing the conclusion to this storyline, a conclusion that will have enormous, reverberating effects on Scooter and Ferret.

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