WE ARE GOING TO BE OUT OF TOWN ATTEMPTING CAMPING. So last night I decided to do some video capturing. This wasn’t my first time doing that with other cameras on other machines, but it was the first time I had tried it with my most recent desktop and Sony camcorder. I plugged it in, camera not recognized. I dug up the software and installed, same thing. I finally found Sony product support and started a chat. He told me to unplug the camera, uninstall the software then reinstall. I had to end the chat to restart several times. I did what I was told, still nothing. I started another chat. Here’s what finally worked: There is a setting deep in the camera’s menu settings called ‘USB Stream’. You have to turn it on. Thanks Sony, that’s totally intuitive. So I was capturing video, only to discover I wasn’t getting any sound. Very frustrated, I began another chat. They told me to check my speakers and what do you know, Scott had turned them off. That’s one on me.

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