A good friend of ours came and visited us this past week that we hadn’t seen in years. It’s wonderful to meet old friends again after so much time and catching up on the good times. He’s part of the New York City crowd and life is so different there from any other city in the country. I firmly believe the old adage “this city will eat you alive” if I tried a go at living in New York City. Heck, I’m nervous about the idea of just visiting. but it certainly sounds like a place teeming with life. I really enjoy showing off Seattle to my friends on the rare occasion that they come out this way. We are kind of in a corner and surrounded by obstacles, but I’m firmly convinced there is no prettier city, than Seattle; and we have virtually no smog! Another great reason to seeing this friend? He’s the real-life inspiration for “Ferret” so it’s like meeting two old friends again after so much time. Don’t forget, for those interested, that Georgia will be doing a tutorial in Flash this Saturdat at 5pm at the School of Visual Concepts here in Seattle. You are all welcome to come!

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