Things have been real crazy here in the month of July, and I have been negligent in recognizing a fellow cartoonists kind plug to our strip. I’d like to recommend his work as well. It is top notch! Mark Monlux creates not one but two webcomics. The Comic Critic is a webcomic that is all about reviewing movie’s with a humorous slant. Mark also creates a strip called The Return of StickMan. “Stickman” is a daily comic that is very simplistic in concept and execution but is highly entertaining all the same. The purpose behind it is to do a strip very quickly but still remain entertaining to read. the setting is almost always the same a small closet-like room with four walls and one door with a simple desk in the middle. It covers anything and everything in topics, and what makes this great is that he also encourages everyone else’s participation in this strip as well. So you too can create a “Stickman” strip . So go check out Mark Monlux’s two comic strips. They are very fun! –Oh and he likes us too so that’s another reason to go read it! (A parental warning that some material at these links may contain strong language.)

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