This actually happened to me while I was working at Software, Etc. My friend was approached by a guy that worked with us for exactly this reason. It was someone I disliked from the first time I met him; while I was working in the back room on my first day he went into a long-winded story about how he was shortly going to be getting a lot of money out of a traffic accident settlement. It had nothing to do with anything and it confused and bored me. After awhile I figured out that he was trying to get me interested in him by telling me he was getting a financial windfall. Well, expecially after he asked for my picture and told my friend how he planned to use it. The only other interesting aspect to this story is that he was the son of the man who owned a very old and popular cafeteria restaurant at the only mall in town. In Texas, cafeterias like Piccadilly and Luby’s are a staple of life. I don’t even think Seattle has one.

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