I went to see “Cars” this weekend – TWICE! To everyone who got taken in by that lousy teaser trailer, boy did you miss out. The entire theatre busted a gut through the whole thing. There was also some weird guy a few seats down who was just laughing whether it was funny or not. I think if you know a lot about cars you’ll get even more out of this movie than the average watcher. I know the second time I saw it we were at the drive-in so I asked Scott a lot of car questions. We figured out that there were a number of appearances by actual race car drivers, but I’m most proud of myself for recognizing the “Car Talk” guys before Scott did. He’s listened to their audio show longer than he’s known me. Try to get past the odd premise and get out to see it. The story draws you in, the jokes are funny, the characters are appealing and of course, it looks stunning!

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