Friday night, the trip to Claim Jumpers, was actually a surprise party all along. Although I don’t know if it came off as a complete surprise, as Scott says he figured out there would be a bunch of people waiting for us when we arrived at our table. He just wasn’t sure who. I was so concerned by that time that everything was coordinated that I wasn’t putting him off the trail very well. But of course it was some of his closest friends among his cartooning buddies, all there to wish him well. Scott Alan did a lot of work in particular to put that together, so thank you Scott. Also John Lustig and his wife made me smirk at the ballgame by pretending they didn’t know anything about it. Scott got a HUGE steak because that restaurant is all about huge. To me though the best thing of the evening was the chocolate calzone Luke ordered. I didn’t have much, but it didn’t make much to get a massive sugar rush. Amazing dessert. Next time when we get together guyse it should be some place quieter though right? I love all of you for coming and sharing Scott’s birthday.

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