People really do pay attention to my updates. I’ve had a number of friends tell me how glad they are to hear that I’m getting more sleep. I appreciate that, it’s improving my health. My parents also read my updates and remember what I’ve said, and that comes in handy for phone calls. The internet has made keeping my family abreast of my activities a lot easier. It also helps me keep up with my family and friends; it looks like my dad updated his Blog again. I haven’t gone to look at this entry yet. I introduced my dad to blogging when it seemed to me that he could use a convenient outlet for writing about things he likes, such as black and white science fiction and old elementary school primers. Most of his entries have been a detailed synopsis of their evacuation from Beaumont during Hurricane Rita. I figured it’s good for him and somebody out there might find it interesting beyond family. I also called a friend tonight to check on him after reading his newsletter and hearing he was going through family issues again. Good to hear it was nothing serious, but I swear I learn about everyone’s troubles through the internet first these days.

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