I was a complete woman last night and got upset over nothing, so Scott really did something great this morning and completed most of the updating work for me. That’s really special because I had a really hard time getting up this morning. It’s always like this with a convention coming up. Emerald City Con is the big one in Seattle and we’re putting a lot of things together for it. We’ve paid the money for the book order as of yesterday, and we’re doing two promotional items in addition to the greeting cards we always have. There will be a new greeting card, this time with Ed on it, so those will have to be printed. But there will also be T-shirts. Scott handled all of the negotiations for those and made some good decisions I think about which shirts to get made. There will be large shirts and women’s fitted shirts, all in white with a two color design. Even more surprising than that there will be little buttons, so cheap they will be given out free. If you’re in the area there will be every reason to stop by our table and see what we’re on about this time.

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