I tried out a little restaurant downtown Friday night called 22 Doors in Capitol Hill, the food was nice but it looked like their biggest draw was really their cocktails. That was the prelude to the worst Woody Allen movie I’ve ever seen, Match Point. I’ve seen most of his movies and I’d been waiting around for the reviews to get good again before I tried another one, but I’m really sorry I bothered. It’s boring. The dialogue doesn’t even flirt with reality. And flame on, but it really IS just a rehash of Crimes and Misdemeanors, only with characters you don’t care about. I spent Saturday at another CNW meeting that ended at the Hurricane, and I’m really happy we’re regrouping there again. The smoking ban in Washington has had some pleasant effects and one of them is being able to breathe in the Hurricane. Then Sunday I bought some plants to round out the improvements to our little deck. It’s gorgeous now so this summer I’ll finally be able to have a mini-garden to relax in. These weekends really do fly right on by.

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