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t’s the day before Emerald City Con and all is a lot more well than it has been with past conventions. The cards were printed last night, finalizing the last items up for sale this year. There’s a new card featuring Ed being insulting, which I did a little differently by doing full color on […]

Scooter Ferret

With Emerald City Con looming in the distance (April 1-2 everybody) it’s a relief to have the CD ready for sending off to the press. We’ve talked over upcoming things are thinking we may choose another con over San Diego this year. Possibly Chicago. We have nowhere near enough merchandise to make San Diego pay, […]

Preparations for Emerald City Con prevented the artist from finishing the one he’s working on. Looks like it will run Friday. But I can finally get excited about this upcoming convention because OUR BOOKS ARE HERE! The digitizing in the interior is gone, that I fixed myself, but a lot of people noticed that the […]

I ended up signing back up for Fark because a couple of my goofy Photoshops have been making their way all over the internet. My “Burger King vs. the Quaker Oats Guy” in particular has been floating all over random forums, and that’s led people to some of my other ones, landing them on a […]

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Scooter Ferret

The buttons for Emerald City Con came in last night and they look terrific! We’re going to use them as giveaways if someone buys a shirt or a book. That is if the books come in… I hate to say it but I’m a little anxious. This printer loves to cut it close. The shirts […]

Scooter Ferret

I was a complete woman last night and got upset over nothing, so Scott really did something great this morning and completed most of the updating work for me. That’s really special because I had a really hard time getting up this morning. It’s always like this with a convention coming up. Emerald City Con […]

Scooter Ferret

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