IĀ also used to play a lot of Gauntlet. There was a summer when my dad, my sister and I got really hooked on that game. We were playing it every time we got a chance, including every place we could find it on a trip to Disneyland. This was such a memorable summer that last time I was at San Diego Con I bought my father a T-shirt that read “Yellow Wizard needs food, badly.” And every once in awhile when someone makes a mistake one of us will say, “Awww, Green Elf shot the food.” I can still remember all the sound effects. We’re going out to Cashmere for the Superbowl and a nice weekend with friends, so the strip will probably be late going on the site and out to email on Monday. We’re driving out of our way to avoid the passes so there shouldn’t be too much bad road to cross, but still anticipate some traffic holdups coming back.

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