Late coming out became a day late, sorry about that. That goes to show how successful the Cashmere trip was. We stayed with Dan McConnell and his wife Ann and had once again, a terrific and restful weekend. The eastern side of Washington was covered in a thick blanket of snow. We sledded at top speed through the pear orchard and sculpted a giant cat in the backyard. On Saturday night we caught another meeting of CWAC, the eastern branch of Cartoonists Northwest. We played board games and on Sunday, they took us cross-country skiing. I got the hang of it somewhat, but Scott never quite did, and I have some terrific photos of him falling all over himself repeatedly. And not being able to get up again afterward. We’re both suffering the consequences today, ouch. The McConnells have a squat little cat that growls whenver you touch it and took a big swipe out of Scott’s hand, but also likes to sleep under the covers with you at night and does not take hints that it makes you nervous. I enjoy seeing it. In summary it was excellent and it’s their turn to come out our way.

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