The artist needed a break today because he put so much time, sweat and energy into Cartoonists Northwest’s Toonie Awards this year. We had it in the banquet hall of the Yankee Grill and it was the biggest turnout they may have ever had. Much of the thanks for that goes to Scott, who contacted all kinds of old members so they could join us in celebrating the 25th year of the club and the 15th year of their awards banquet. Our guest speaker, Peter Bagge, was nothing like I expected. I heard a lot about him in college and being familiar with his work, I was expecting someone grungy and bitter. He’s nothing like that, he’s actually a clean-cut, friendly family man who knows Roberta Gregory, another big name who’s nothing like her manic heroine. We hosted both of them at our table and I hope they had a good time.To let Scott rest, that’s my sketch above, with me in my actual dress. Sarah K, the roommate referred to in the strip, was huge fan of Roberta and Peter and really would have given anything to meet them. She is a terrific person I’ve unfortunately lost track of, and I owe most of my comics knowledge to her broad range of interests.

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