I┬ácame down with what is probably yet another sinus infection this weekend and had to stay home from work today, with the intention of going to the doctor this afternoon. Sickness has been going around the office and whenever that happens, you can be sure I’ll be out too. I literally spent the entire weekend at home, with the exception of one vital trip to the grocery store, and even that exhausted me. Languishing around the house did mean I got to put some time into getting sample pages colored for the Communist Pea story. We probably couldn’t do the story in color by ourselves, these pages are for some people interested in seeing it that way. If we self-publish it, expect to see it in the meticulously inked black and white Scott usually works in. But the samples I did are really unlike anything else I know of, in a style I’ve been experimenting with that uses paper textures. I’m really excited about the results and I’m hoping other people will be too. I also had time (and everything I needed) to update the Cartoonists Northwest site for January.

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