I’ve got a sample page for the Communist Pea spread that I’ve been passing around online, and the more I look at it and get comments the happier I am with it. It’s made through a complex Photoshop process that has more steps for each shape on the page than anybody would care to hear about. Anyone familiar with what Scott and I usually do will probably think this color technique comes out of left field, because I’ve never used it over Scott’s work before. I’ve been experimenting with it on my own for a short film on my grandfather’s diary, so although I’ve been developing this look over several years no one has seen it but Scott. His ink work is so unique to him that we normally stick with that. But a propaganda farce seemed to recall Russian propaganda posters, so I pulled out Scott’s pencils and spent my sick weekend giving my personal style a shot at his drawings. The results were something I’ve never really seen before and I’m very excited about it. The drawback is, black and white we can self-publish, but a full color hardback book would require some help to get published. We’ve got some prospects, we’ll see where we can go with it.

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