I don’t know about doing this again next year… The dinner party for six was a big success, that’s true, the food was good and everyone had fun eating it. But wow, what a lot of time in the kitchen that ended up being. I baked on Thursday and Friday, baked and cooked for several hours on Saturday, cooked again much of Sunday and I don’t even want to think about how many times I did the dishes. I learned a lot this weekend. I learned that if your ice cream maker sits in a hot Texas garage for two years and all the freezing chemicals leak out of it and warp the directions, it’s broken and will not make your ginger sorbet. Also, too much fresh ginger in your ginger sorbet makes people freak out. I also learned that when your creme brulĂ©e burner says allow several minutes for the butane to stabilize, they mean minutes, not seconds, and the brown sugar should be a thin layer over your dessert, not a mound. The most exciting discovery of all was that although ham is amazing when soaked by a spritz bottle filled with bourbon, your oven does not like to be spritzed with bourbon, and will let you know that by sending you a giant wall of flame. Best ham I ever had though.

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