For some reason it bothered me more this year, but I don’t see or hear the word “Christmas” enough anymore. If anyone thinks there hasn’t been a campaign to ban the word, they should watch the Food Network show I just turned off where two girls were planning a party with candy canes, nutcrackers and mistletoe but had to replace “Christmas” with “holiday” every single time. If mistletoe and candy canes are at your party you are having a Christmas party, if the HR department likes it or not. My Christmas party this year will include four close friends and a massive dinner with cocktails, with the fireplace going and my new creme brulĂ©e carmelizer making its firey debut. Actually the ice cream maker will be used for the first time as well (it was a great wedding gift you guys, I’ve just been intimidated by it) but it doesn’t involve butane so I’m less anxious about its appearance. Merry Christmas everyone, thank you for being loyal readers, and if I don’t burn the house down, we’ll see you on Boxing Day.

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