I have not taken an extended, non-work-related vacation in several years. I’ve been working now at Trendwest about two years and I’ve banked some time off hours, so starting this Friday the artist and I will be on our way to Florida to enjoy Disney World with the entire family. That means all parents, two siblings and their respective others, plus my grandmother and a visit with my godparents. What does that mean for the strip? Something very interesting actually, a guest artist who wrote us a nine strip storyline. I put these together over the weekend and its fascinating to see another person’s take on your characters. I’m preparing everyone now, for nine strips the art will look different and the writing will be by someone else. I’m going to focus the next update on the guest artist so readers will feel like they know a little about him before we get started. As we take a rest over the next two weeks I will be writing plenty more Scooter and Ferret, and when we come back we will be adding new characters and trying new things.

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