I was wrong about the length of the guest artist storyline, its actually 6 strips instead of 9. That means we will be gone for two weeks not three and I can’t count. Our guest artist will be our friend Scott Alan, who spent a lot of time with us through September planning for Spawns of Insomnia. Professionally Scott is a clown, yes I actually know a real clown, and I got to see the magic portion of his act just recently. Scott has a way with an audience and an upbeat sense of humor that’s never afraid to take shots at himself. He’s the president of Cartoonists Northwest and was the star of Nightmare at Beaver Lake this year, where he terrified teenagers as his scary personae, Chuckles the Clown. Scott has his own new webcomic, Oh Brother!, that focuses on how goofy his family can be, especially his real-life brothers Jim and Chris. I’ve met Jim and Chris in person and there is a lot of material there. Scott will be house sitting for us and we thought it would be much better to let him play around in our comic strip world for awhile than to go without updates for the duration of our vacation. Six strips are coming your way that will be different from the norm, sit back and enjoy the departure, and we’ll be back soon enough from our much-needed rest to charm, tease and offend.

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