I’m baaaaack. Did you miss me? Georgia, your writer, returns from Mickey land. The artist, Scott, went on to Savannah and Atlanta to see family and do some networking, but will return to Seattle next week. This is the last guest artist strip from Scott Alan and no time would be more appropriate than now to thank him for so much hard work while we were gone. I hope this was as beneficial for him as it was for us. He not only updated the strips regularly and adjusted himself to the system, he also took care of the pets. In gratitude I will be spending Thanksgiving with them and bringing my mother’s cornbread dressing. Everyone please forgive me for letting the News and Events page get out of date, now that I’m back it will give me the time I need to reorganize and get things back on track. One of those big things is a new storyline starting Monday, and another is getting the book ready for another printing so we can finally get issues available online.

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