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It’s hard to believe it’s all over. Let me start out by saying that attendance at Cascadia Con was lower than they were hoping for. That means that the amount of foot traffic going by our area, which was hosting Spawns of Insomnia, Comics Biography Theater and individual comics tables, was next to nothing most […]

This shouldn’t be too shocking for anyone following my updates, but the reason this strip is coming a day late would be the 24-hour comic creating marathon Scott and I participated in on Sunday, Spawns of Insomnia at Cascadia Con. We started at 11:30 Sunday morning and went full guns until the next morning. The […]

Today is the first day that I will be appearing at Cascadia Con. I magically got a full pass to the event so I took my Friday off work to enjoy at least some use out of it. I plan to set up the table and sell some of our first Scooter and Ferret books, […]

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