I’m sure everyone caught the news reports this weekend as Hurricane Rita barreled through my home towns of Beaumont and Port Arthur. If anyone is wondering why I consider both my home town, I was born in Beaumont and lived there for 19 years but Port Arthur is less than fifteen minutes away and my parents were both born and raised there. It’s also where my grandmother lives along with most of the rest of the family. Thanks to many of you for writing in your concern, but my parents and grandmother did make it safely to Fort Worth where they are staying with a cousin. No one is being encouraged to return home quite yet. We taped a lot of the coverage and there was something kind of interesting about seeing the likes of Shepard Smith stumbling around in the wind near Crockett Street. The Beaumont Enterprise is reporting damage on Phelan Ave all the way to the goat pen; the goats, they note, seem to have made it through just fine and are nibbling on debris. I was very impressed by Texas’ evacuation efforts, but I was expecting to be impressed. While Beaumont did sustain a lot of wind damage to many of its buildings, no reports so far of loss of life. On a quick note, we’re going to be appearing at Stumptown this weekend and I will be talking more about that show this week.

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