As we waited for two guests from California to get off the plane, Durwin explained that we would recognize Michael Stribling because he looked like a rock star. That’s why I was surprised to meet up with Michael and find out that the closest thing to rocker about him is his surfer hair. Quiet, soft-spoken and introspective, we were thrilled to find out that he was a fellow SCAD graduate and had a very easy time getting to know him. He was an illustration major, is now a fantastic painter, and he waited on tables during his Savannah years in some familiar restaurants. He’s now creating art assets at Visual Concepts in San Francisco, part of their NBA development team for their 2K Sports videogames. The unusual path his career has taken reminded me of the SCAD presentation I saw before deciding to go there, which promised that a strong fine arts background combined with their applied arts education could lead you to some unexpected places. Look for Michael’s covers of JLA: Classified coming out in July through DC Comics.

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