The ending to the very odd car story: the insurance company paid off the little white Mitsubishi. What’s curious about this sequence of events is I took over managing the household budget last month and was just saying to myself, we really spend too much on cars. It was my idea to do something about the gas-guzzling Jeep, but we weren’t anywhere close to paying off either car. I was stuck with both cars, trying to figure out what to do about it when it was taken completely out of my hands. At first, as we wrangled with the insurance about whether they would pay it off or not, it didn’t seem like much of a blessing had come our way. But the insurance company mysteriously decided to take care of all of it, and so the problem is completely solved. As I already have a 3-4 person carpool, having only one car hasn’t been much of an adjustment. I rarely have good personal news to share, so forgive me for the indulgence, but I am so impressed by how much I didn’t think anything good could come out of that wreck as I looked at the car lying in a heap on the road. And you wouldn’t even know the bruises were ever there, how about that. Here’s to life and all its twists and turns.

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