I’m working on a Flash-based recreation of a childhood standard toy, the Lite-Brite. I told a friend who’s a bit older than I am about it and he says, “A light table, like you trace a drawing on?” No no no no. Every kid in the early 80s had one of these, it was a common activity toy like Easy Bake Ovens or macrame sets. It’s a plastic box with a light bulb behind a lot of little holes, you put black paper over the holes and puch the paper with brightly colored plastic pegs. The pegs are illuminated by the bulb and you make pictures out of it. You could also buy trademarked character extra sets that would help you make things like Mr. Potato Head. It’s scary to think how many hours I spent in a dark closet punching pegs into one of these. Soon you’ll be able to stop by Scooter and Ferret anytime and use one, closet optional. Try the one on Hasbro’s site in the meantime.

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