I’ll get back to reviewing the live action shorts next week. Today I’d like to go over a couple of items in honor of tonight’s Photoshop Workshop:

If you’ve been here before you’ve probably noticed that I occasionally put up photo trips. I’ve put up a new page that I will be updating now and again to house my growing collection of Photoshop Farks. Fark.com puts up a forum twice a day with a picture or a theme and participants are challenged to do something funny with it. I’ve worked as a Photoshop designer for a very long time, so this is a chance for me to combine skill with making people laugh. I know the Ball Blog isn’t a thousand yucks, it’s my one place where I can be more informative than funny, but I do write a comic strip. And my friends know that my favorite way to cut them up is with a Photoshopped image. Feel free to use these all over the place, people do it without my permission anyway, just go ahead and use my bandwidth so it still links back to this site. Some of the entries I’ve done for Fark have gotten a lot of votes and have also started popping up in unexpected forums. I’ll never know which image the Glock Talk Forum is looking at, and maybe I don’t want to anyway.

Now for the really great news, the new Cartoonists Northwest website is up. I built the new one from the ground up and it’s a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. I’ve left the old site up here so readers can do a little comparison. My original Photoshop mockups were designed to bring eye-popping color to the site, and especially to dress-up the logo. The totem logo was vectorized so we can bring the size up and down for other projects, and I took the nav off the top and put it on the left so we’d have the option to add more categories. The site was using some complicated coding to put the upcoming event on every page, took that out and templated the basic page types. Linked it to an external CSS file so there are nicer, smaller fonts and finally some margins. Most importantly the entire website is going to be easier to update, so adding the Penstuff information every month won’t be such a headache anymore. But my favorite change was taking the Spawns of Insomnia website down and combining it with the new site. I don’t really understand why it was separate before, but now all of that content will be on CNW drawing the traffic there. There are now news articles that are easy to get to and archived, and the Presidential drawls have an updated menu list. The member list now shows only current members. And the ad for the Toonie Awards video, previously not working, is embedded in a Flash file with music and actually shows up when you go to it.

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