Almost an entire month has gone by since I touched this, and the main reason is choir. This weekend I’ll be singing as Mary in the Our Savior’s Baptist Church Christmas program, and the extra practices have been exhausting. Last night we practiced for a solid four hours, and I’m really excited about the quality of my solo. At least from the second time through. Am I ready? We’ll see.

I got two sets of free movie passes for November. The first went to the Incredibles, but by the time the end of the month came around and I had to use them or lose them, I had already seen the Incredibles twice. So what to do? Go see Alexander, my very first Oliver Stone movie seen from beginning to end. Big mistake. Ok, I was prepared for some homosexual content, and when it came down to it the one gay sex scene showed practically nothing. But I wasn’t prepared for so much homosexual whining. Stone seems to think the best way to show a romance between two men is to bore the audience with lots of longing looks, meandering fruity speeches and crying. If you saw the same in a heterosexual romance you’d be begging the characters to get a grip already.

And the talking. Anthony Hopkins, looking like a refugee from an Alaska fishing boat after a binge, rambles his narration in a distant babble that would be right at home in an Ed Wood movie. Angelina Jolie That’s ridiculous, yes, but no matter how many unfocused speeches the other cast members give, they can’t hold a candle to Alexander himself.

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