The parents are gone and things are beginning to return to normal. The house was in the center of a tornado for the last week, with all kinds of new things showing up in the kitchen, couches pulled out in the living room and a grandmother sleeping in the office. I have new pictures to put up, including a trip to Leavenworth that happened last weekend. It’s also about time I put up some pictures of the new ferrets. I didn’t update this Blog through the entire week because every minute of my time was precious and accounted for by something. I enjoyed the visit, and I came away from it with some video footage of my grandmother making actual Cajun seafood gumbo.

My hometown made the news today with a story about a teacher showing Fahrenheit 911 to his class. It’s a little more disturbing when you find out that it wasn’t just any high school, it happened at Pathways Learning Center. In other words, not one of our high schools, but in fact our juvenile correctional school. This is the place they send the kids who carry knives. BISD lists it under “Other Campuses.” Ah Beaumont, every time you make the news its not going to be flattering.

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