How closely have you been following the CBS story? I’ve been avidly interested in it because it’s proof of the power of the new media. Once, many years ago, men like Walter Kronkite and Dan Rather were the gatekeepers to information; they decided what news would be reported, when we would hear it and what kind of slant it would recieve. Now Powerline can post a supposition, within minutes have it corroborated by multiple experts, within hours pass that information on to talk radio and before you know it all hell has broken loose. That leaves CBS with egg on their face and Dan Rather ranting that the ends justify the means, and it doesn’t matter if the sources are phony or not as long as he believes what they’re trying to say is true. Hugh Hewitt’s blog has the best complete story, and Little Green Footballs has the infamous animated gif.

As a personal example of the weird power of internet blogging, I’ve noticed that this blog has been getting a lot of traffic from an Israeli education forum. I don’t speak Hebrew so I have no idea if the comments are positive or negative; happy comments are nice, but criticism is welcome too. That has to be related to my post on The Passion of the Christ. While I make no apologies about being a Christian or supporting Mel Gibson’s movie, I also support Israel both as democratic ally and as the spiritual center of the Jewish faith, the foundation of my own religion. I’m honored that, whether hated or supported, what I have to say would be in any way interesting to people on the other side of the world.

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