I’ve been watching the Republican convention with a great big grin and not a little relief; it can be very lonely living the life of a conservative in Seattle. I thoroughly enjoyed McCain’s slam on Michael Moore, and I’m very sad that I can’t find an online confirmation of his comments regarding it afterward. The Fox News report quoted him complaining about how “mean” the booing was, but that just seems too spectacularly hypocritical to be true, even for Moore. I’m not an Ann Coulter fan, but I did hear an interview with her following USA Today’s dismissal, and I’ve heard the entire article she wrote that never ran. Coulter found her article getting picked apart by the editors and questioned line by line, Moore is getting his column published without incident. So. There’s no liberal mainstream media, right? Right.

Someone give the Bush daughters some slack. Ok, they weren’t funny. But does the fact that the Bush twins can’t deliver weak material really going to be a factor in this election? Night two was satisfactory, and Arnold’s speech was uplifting, but if you missed Rudy Guiliani’s speech on Monday night you missed one of the best political speeches I’ve ever heard.

I did miss some of last evening’s events because we’ve had an unexpected pair of additions to our home. Alaska and Ginger are the ferrets of friends who needed a place to live, and so I found myself scrubbing down the long-abandoned ferret cage on the porch last night. They’re females, and therefore half the size of the infamous male I had during college, and fortunately don’t smell as bad either. They seem to be settling nicely into their new home; we gave them baths last night and tucked them away into new hammocks and fleece beds. Finally, I am the writer of a ferret strip who actually owns a ferret.

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