This was the day Dan Rather came on CBS Evening News and said, “I’m sorry.” History in the making.

As the CBS debacle barrels toward even more and more dire consequences for old media, I’ve started hearing a few “woe is me” complaints about the Blogosphere. “Whatever shall we do? Anyone with a modem is now a journalist.” That was the critique (read: whine) going around during a C-Span panel this weekend. I promise as soon as I can find the quote I will link it, but someone coined a phrase I particularly liked: is every blogger a “fiefdom of one”? I decided to make it official; the Ball Blog is now a FIEFDOM OF ONE.

It’s not hard to see, if you’ve been following the Blog for any length of time, that I’ve strayed along way from the original intent. What began as a series of entries focused on animation commentary has moved more into comics, politics and general information about what goes on behind the scenes of Scooter and Ferret. I have to admit, first of all, that I get more traffic this way. Second, while I haven’t abandoned animation, animation has abandoned me. The community I became a part of, though I didn’t know it at the time, was in its waning years. There isn’t very much traditional animation going around that I have any interest in commentating on, and the people that I knew when I was active have also gotten out. So the tagline changes, and so does the purpose behind this little piece of real estate. But when something does come out that’s exciting and worth supporting, you can bet you will hear about it from me.

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