I’ve been a harsh critic for for the Animation Pimp, but he’s got a new article in AWN that I was able to follow. It makes what sounds like some accurate complaints about the Justice League, but as I read the article, it dawned on me that although I’ve closely followed news about the show, I’ve never actually seen an episode. Which brings me to a larger issue: is anyone watching cartoons anymore? While surfing through channels last Saturday morning, I realized that the shining cartoon world of splendor I once knew from 6 am to noon on the start of the weekend is not what it used to be. I may be a little late on this discovery, I know. I’ve become so enveloped in comics in the last year, a lot of what’s going on in the day to day world of animation has left me behind. Or, I’m beginning to wonder, is it the day to day animation world itself that’s disappearing?

Those who remain stalwartly watching cartoons tell me that Samurai Jack is nice to look at, same with Kim Possible. But my issue with Samurai Jack is that looks appear to be its only concern, and Kim Possible spends so much time settling into Playboy poses that I’m suspicious of its creator’s priorities. I do continue to watch the Simpsons and King of the Hill, even though both seemed to have run out of ideas years ago. Both are still funny, and that’s enough for me right now, with so little else to turn to.

The last strip I put up I was so removed from, I spent the entire morning brooding about whether or not it was funny. I was relieved when I got several responses from people who thought it was, so thanks for that, you made my week.

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