Scooter and Ferret has been doing very well in its first month. We officially launched at the end of February and had 112 visitors to the website. By the end of this last month, March, we had over 1100 visitors. Hits without context is meaningless, but for comparison, Animation Closet had 20,000 hits last month, a record for that site, and we’ve been regularly maintaining it for almost four years. Last month Scooter and Ferret had over 40,000 hits. This is the kind of information most people keep private, but I’d like other web comic hopefuls and pros to know if they’re doing the same or better. Information in the spirit of creation for all. It’s not huge numbers, but we’re now up to our 81st subscriber. Since we came into this with no expectations, I’m thrilled, and may it keep a comin’.

A big joyful hooray to the announcement of 300K new jobs created last month! What makes me an independent on this issue is this: I want to be wrong! Prove me wrong! Create jobs! Put people back to work! Preserve our middle class! I don’t care who’s in office doing it, just get us out of this mess.

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