Sunday was the Portland Comic Convention at the convention center, and we were in attendance, passing out more flyers and enjoying the booths aplenty. What I really wanted to do was take a moment to meet Anne Timmons, the artist for the cute-as-pie comic book Go Girl! Anne’s comic style is sweet as can be, and reminds me of the Barbie comics I picked up when I was a kid (yes I occasionally read Barbie comics). Go Girl! appears to be aimed at a young female audience, and if any of you are looking for wholesome reading material for young girls, this comic is a nice alternative.

I was also in Portland to support old school friend and fellow Primal Screen alum Chris Purdin, who was having his first showing at an art walk. Chris did very well selling prints of his whimsical illustrations, and even made the local news! His wife Emily makes beautiful art object lamps, which can be seen at her Emilight website. I try to support all of my artist friends, but Chris and Emily wouldn’t have to be friends to get my endorsement, what they do is worth buying in its own right.

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