As usual, the weekend is over and there is so much to cover. I’m going to have to begin with the Oscars, it’s too big to hold off until later. As everyone knows by now, Lord of the Ringsswept the award show like an unstoppable force, and though I have been predicting major wins for Peter Jackson’s team, even I wasn’t expecting a tie with Titanic and Ben-Hur. I did believe that this year the series would be rewarded for its massive acheivements as a whole, and it was. Animated short went to Harvie Krumpet, and I’m sure that was an appropriate win. I hope to get the chance to see Australian Adam Elliot’s short very soon. Now Adam, about that outfit? Ah well, Finding Nemo won it’s well-deserved feature Oscar, and that counts big. All in all, as Oscar goes, and I’m an Academy Awards show history buff, it was a fairly classy night.

A big local even today was the Emerald City Comic Con, a convention that is only in its second year, but already has an impressive size. Thanks to everyone I got the chance to meet today, especially new Cartoonists Northwest President Scott Alan, who so graciously made space for our flyer. A number of other artists were also great to meet, so great that I’m going to do separate features on each this week.

Finally, the second Scooter and Ferret strip went up today. Even better, the new Flash game Rubber Hose Assault wrapped up this weekend and went live today. It’s a mindless time-waster and an homage to the Fleischer-style cartoons I love so much.

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