I said I was going to do a feature on some of the artists I met on Sunday, and I am, right after this: I’m annoyed beyond belief that so many members of the media (DJs and entertainment writers in particular) are complaining because the Oscars were “boring.” And why do they think so? No upsets. No catastrophes. No ridiculous outfits, only a few ensembles of questionable taste. No one had a cat fight, and even the political speeches were minimal. Know what? GOOD. It’s supposed to be an awards show, not a Jerry Springer spectacle. And the real winners are the artists and techinicians in the less glamourous categories, the categories I watch with the most interest. If a little dignity bores you, switch it to Average Joe.

Now that that’s out of the way, John Lustig. I laughed more times while reading my first issue of Last Kiss than I have reading the last two months worth of newspaper comics. You may or may not be familiar with romance comics from the 50s and 60s, and if you aren’t, then imagine a pulpy soap opera with a lot of waterworks and fabulously chic clothes. Those old comics have gone out of favor (and out of business), but John Lustig’s parody comic is an enormously entertaining send up of a nearly forgotten genre. “No one has ever kissed me like this before – except my cocker spaniel!” sighs the heroine of my new “Last Kiss” magnet. I bought two.

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