I love it when the Chris Robinson has an article published in AWN; it gives me something to rant about. The Animation Pimp’s latest is about independent animator Martha Colburn. At the beginning of the article I’m told that Chris intends to introduce me to one in a series of overlooked animated film makers. By the end of the two page article, all I really learned about Martha Colburn was this: “Martha Colburn is a Baltimore-born filmmaker. Most of her work is super 8 — a fusion of scratch, collage, drawing and cutout. She resides in The Netherlands.” That information was tucked away in italics after the article was finished, followed by a note that I should do a Google search for her and find out more on my own. Then what did I need this article for? Chris spends most of the item tossing around his usual vulgar non-sequiters and rambling about how much he would like to lick Ms. Colburn’s toes. I’m glad he could so enlighten me.

In sharp contrast, Scott Shaw’s (Say Scott, when you added the ! to your name, where did you intend it to go when using the possessive? Is it Shaw’s! or Shaw!’s?) warm and funny article on Floyd Norman convinced me in a heartbeat to buy his new book, Son of Faster Cheaper Animation. Floyd, AKA Mr. Fun, is one of the classiest, kindest and most senior members of Animation Nation. Scott doesn’t pull any punches about the outsourcing that has so hurt our industry, and neither does Floyd. I can’t think of a better way to spend a few hours than laughing along with Floyd’s sharp observational cartoons. Well done guys.

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