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In the wake of the flurry of personal activity, I didn’t get to bring this up before, but the Ottawa Film Festival is calling for entries. Entries are due on July 2! If you’ve got something send it, they’re expanding their categories this year. To encourage more of you eager beavers to write me, I’d […]

It’s official: I’m exhausted. But what’s even more official is the newly launched Scooter and Ferret website, product of many late nights. The first strip went out yesterday to some Beta testers, thanks very much to the Lux crew for finding those typos. The strip is going to be available for four day periods before […]

Watching CNN last night, supporters of foreign outsourcing claimed that the tide could be stemmed by more science education in schools. I’m mystified by how that would help, as I watch so many qualified and highly-skilled IT professionals lose their jobs, even here in Seattle, strictly because labor from India is cheaper. The implication is […]

I’ve gotten to exchange some e-mails with the Animation Pimp, and as much as I can’t decipher his articles, I have enjoyed chatting with him. There is a remarkable difference between how he expresses himself on AWN and how he expresses himself when he’s being himself. Something we talked about was, and it brought […]

I love it when the Chris Robinson has an article published in AWN; it gives me something to rant about. The Animation Pimp’s latest is about independent animator Martha Colburn. At the beginning of the article I’m told that Chris intends to introduce me to one in a series of overlooked animated film makers. By […]

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