This turned out to be a very exciting day, as talks between Disney and Pixar concerning their distribution deal ended with Pixar’s release after the next two films are up. This is an appropriate blow to Disney, who closed Florida feature only a few weeks ago and announced that they would produce all future releases as 3D films. No longer able to profit off of Pixar’s hard work, Disney will now have to find another way to make good on that promise. If they open their own studio they will be 1) lacking in credibility after their last ill-fated 3D studio effort 2) woefully inexperienced in the field 3) going into competition with Pixar. Difficult obstacles to overcome. Of course Disney retains the rights to the Toy Story franchise and every other film they’ve made together, so watch for plenty of exploitation of what’s still available to them.

More news on the outsourcing front; this post from Animation Nation member Augusto:

Outsourcing work to cheap labor is not an animation issue, as pointed out before is an issue for most workers in this country. I work for a very big corporation, and luckly I haven’t been outsourced (yet), but we have moved massive amounts of jobs overseas, while laying off staff here. During the boom in our industry (let’s just say it’s Energy related) we were ok with our manufacturing plants, but now they are gone. We have moved all corporate support to India, and have moved research centers there and to other parts of Asia. The billing department is no longer in the US, that’s done in India too. In the meantime, many in the US have to put up with the indignity of training H1-B and L1 visa replacements here in the US. We’re replacing radiologists with offshore counterparts, and pretty soon MRI scans will be analysed offshore too.

For more information on how L1 Visas are affecting American workers, see this testimony from a Siemens employee at a Senate hearing.

I would like to add, before it slips my mind, that Michel Gagne has a new book and sculpture out. His sculptures look nice in photographs, but they look even better in person! If you have any shelf space left, consider getting another weird rabbit.

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