It’s not the New Year without Chris Robinson displaying his usual amount of class, contributing to everyone’s hangover from last year with a little kvetching and moaning. Animation World Magazine inexplicably continues to publish articles by the Animation Pimp. He was soundly booed off of Animation Nation sometime around September 11th; I think I had no small part in that, but its difficult to recall that far back. His articles never fail to be based entirely on opinion, and I freely admit to disagreeing with most of them, especially this one: Canadian animation is superior to American animation. Apparently he’s been missing his own festivals.

My favorite quote from the most recent article is this one, reeking of irony: “Why is everyone crying about Roy Disney? I could give a flying squirrel about this guy and all his problems. All these animators embrace it like it’s their own. It ain’t, fools. All of a sudden ol’ confused nephew Roy is the modern bastion of art. Jeepers.” This from a six page article on Chris Robinson’s personal year in review, outlining everything from his book publisher rejections to the color of his urine. We can thank our lucky stars that our problems ain’t the problems of the Animation Pimp. Jeepers indeed.

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