This week some very alarming news came out: while IBM will be adding 15,000 jobs, only 4500 will be offered to Americans. Meanwhile, 3000 of their existing jobs will be exported out of the country.

In honor of that charming revelation from my former employer, I will now be posting excerpts from the numerous and often hilarious solicitations I receive from foreign studios each month. No names of companies or portfolios will be posted or linked to, to protect their privacy. With each letter, its very obvious that so many of these studios don’t know anything about me or what I do. Apparently they get my name at random. Enjoy!

I Have the Power: Korea

I am someone from New York that has an animation movie producing company in Korea. In the company, there are productions of online and arcade games involved. It hasn’t been a long time since I had been granted with power to this company. I had found out about information your company, through a magazine. As I lived in New York, your company and I would have lots of work to do together in the future. It would probably be a strategic joint, which is my purpose of emailing to you. The company in Korea does all the activities of the following:

Our company is able to make creative 2D and 3D work. Your company and my company can form a cooperative joint and make animation. OEM animation can be made due to your request. We can do business merchandise as well. Development of games (online, offline and arcade), special website and circulate. Animation advertisements could be made in 2D and 3D.

In an online game, the customer’s opinion of the game will be made. In arcade games, there are many models made, but there were difficulties in American marketing system. In 2004, offensive operation will be done and the management will be adopted in marketing in very strong terms as of now. In this point, I wish for something good to occur between your company and mine. If you are interested, then please respond to me.

And We’d be Happy to Visit: Mexico

We design anything you want starting at 100 usd.

But it’s April: India

Seasons Greetings and a great day ahead.

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a grand sector in the market. The company was established in the year 2001. The Company Profile is attached herewith for your reference. We are operating in the area of IT Education, Software Development, e-learning and BPO. Presently our e-learning division is developing a CBT on the CBSE/ICSE curriculum for Kindergarten to Class XII for Government of India through one of our clients.

This is a 3 years project and the CBT’s will be developed in a phased manner. We have already developed the CBT for Science and Technology – Class IX, X and Mathematics – Class X. Also we are developing Animation – Media programme on Indian Heritage and Civilization and famous Indian Legends. The synopsis of the work is attached herewith for your perusal.

The Methodology for e–learning / animation that is followed by us is attached herewith for your perusal. The Demo CD will be couriered on request. If your company has a policy of outsourcing the projects in e-learning or animation, we would like to offer our services and would be interested to translate it to mutual business benefit. If you agree that our credentials are close fit to your requirements, we would be delighted to discuss with you the tie-up arrangements. Your early response will be highly solicitated. Looking forward to a long standing association with your organization and assuring best of our services

Somehow I Question Your Motives: Singapore

Our Singapore-based production and broadcasting magazine, will be profiling animation studios from South Asia, Southeast Asia and China and Hong Kong (the list will exclude North Asia i.e Korea, Japan and Taiwan). For this, we are doing a poll with industry professionals and studios across Europe and North America.

Kindly recommend us names of studios, which according to you should figures in the list.

A Novel Approach: Iraq

I am writing to you from Iraq, the land of War!! My colleagues and I have returned from Europe and the US to participate in the Iraqi reconstruction efforts and to promote visual arts and specifically animation and visual effects here in Iraq.

We have set up our studios and have gotten our gear going. We have also started classes for a large number of youth and youngsters, hoping to free their minds from the horrors of war and the terror. But we need your help as fellow designers, artists and industry professionals to help us fight against the odds and show that even with all the hardship and the atrocities that threaten our lives, we can still hope and strive for a better life. We need your help in pursuing our work here.

In these times of hardship, “To be or not to be” translates into “To work or not to work” for us, meaning that for artists and professionals such as us and more importantly for the youth that are working with us, “life” in the true sense means working on what they are best trained for and what they love. Obviously the current situation in Iraq does not allow for a very blooming industry and that is why we are turning to you for help.

If you have projects that we can tackle or know people who might have such projects, you are the one who can help us. You might even give us projects parallel to the teams that are actually doing the project; since, in reality this effort’s primary goal is humanitarian rather than a business proposal (And for this reason we will not ask for payment until you become satisfied with the quality and professionalism of our work.)

Our artists and designers have strong backgrounds in the motion picture industry as well as software such as Maya and 3D Studio Max for 3D design and character animation. The large pool of the youth we are working with have also strong background with the above mentioned software as well as webdesign and programming skills. As such we can offer the following services to you:

- Shooting live footage of the daily life and the happenings in Iraq – Producing content oriented TV programs (documentaries, etc…) – TV logo design – Compositing – 3D visual effects and motion graphics – 3D or 2D computer graphics commercials or video advertising (staged and non-staged) commercials – 3D character animation projects – Content oriented or dynamic website design I should mention that our studio has a number of Betacam SX digital video recorders, SONY cameras as well as the software needed to pursue the above projects.

We are also in the process of designing our website so that we can present some of the work that we have done so far. I apologize if this letter has gotten too long, but would like to once again emphasize that we count on your help and hope that you can bring a new life to Iraq through your participation in this effort. Needless to say, there are vast opportunities in Iraq for this industry which we leave it up to you and the think-thanks to pursue. If you think that you can help us directly or can introduce us to others that you might know or just want to hear more about the situation in Iraq, please let me know and I will be more than delighted to respond.

Are You Engaged in Aniamation?: India

we are working on 2D & 3D animation project for last one year .we are on the look out for companies who are offloading animation project. as per our knowledge you are engaged in aniamation projects & we would like to accept the animation projects in 2D & 3d if you are offloading the same. kindly let us know whethe you are intersted in offloading animation projects at your earliest.

For Fur!: India

We take pleasure in introducing [our company] to you. We are a full service 2D animation production house catering to broadcast, film and web animation. Located in the silicon city of India – Bangalore, we are home to some of finest talents in the industry. We are dedicated to creating the finest animated products at the most affordable prices.

Our services include right from understanding the concept- developing required objects, characters and animation required on any media plateform not limited to broadcast and web. As part of our business development program our company is keen into development projects in 2D Flash cell Animations.

In this concern we would like to hear from you if your company is willing to outsource projects in this Media segment. Regarding the same we would feel pleasure to have a communication with you. For fur! ther information please feel free to visit our website or email us at your comfort.

Would that be the Computers or the People?: India

We are an animation company incorporated in India in 1999. We have state-of-the-art technology in our production center along with a competent and efficient team of artists and animators. We have been in production since August of 1999 providing our clients reliable, timely, accurate and high quality service. We are currently working on flash, 2D , 3D Animation , and web page designing.

We offer a full array of cost effective solutions. We believe in a long- term relationship with complete customer satisfaction. We try to know the nature of a client’s requirements and will work with you to meet your high standards.

INFRASTRUCTURE Workstations: We have high-end workstations working round the clock in two shifts. We have our own leased line(DSL).Our infrastructure is flexible enough to tackle efficiently any additional load of work. Our pricing is very competitive and allows our principles like you to save costs on salaries, allowances, office maintenance, infrastructure, etc and get work done at economical rates. We assure confidentiality.

We also are working in Geographic information systems, transcription, translation and other IT related services. If you need any clarification please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to do a trial for you, Looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Do I Get a Say in This?: India

I am writing to you to express our intention to “Partner with you” in the areas of “2D/ 3D Computer Animation, Flash/ Internet Animation, Digital/ Visual Effects, Multimedia/ Interactive Development”. You can achieve, Cost savings of 30-40% and yet maintain the Lead with both “Quality Advantage” & “Technical Advantage”.

It will be a pleasure to recv from you:
a) Sample of work you would like us to do for you ( This you may send vide email)
b) What volumes you can outsource to us per month (Estimated)?
c) At what unit rate cost ?
I am writing to you for establishment of a long term relationship. Looking forward to hearing from you, how to proceed further.

I Was Worried About Those Works: Russia

An animation studio of complete cycle proposes animation production services. Including production of storyboards, models, layouts, animation, painting, composing, backgrounds, special effects, 3-D animation etc.

We propose you collaboration with our company. We render animation services for low prices. The perfect quality is guaranteed. A strict observance of production schedule is guaranteed. Our company is a large producer of animation production. More than 10 years we deal in production of animation for European TV-channels, American and Australian studios as producer or co-produ er of any stage of production (animated motion pictures and TV-series). We produce “turnkey” production (from Layouts to Rushes) and also any part of production.

Commercial advantages of our company is as follows:
1. We carry out works at very high level. It is competitive on world market of animation production.
2. The cost of our services is noticeably lower than average price in Europe and Russia.

Our prices are close to prices of South-East Asia Studios.Our company is a corporation that consists of several studios (three studios in Ukraine, one in Bulgaria, one in Romania and one in Lithuania. Our production capacities in the aggregate are equal to 50-120 minutes of animation production per month.

We are ready to give you the full cost accounting for film
production at our studios. The price depends on artistic characteristics as design and animation style. We think our price level is acceptable enough and you will like it.

But I Hardly Know You!: New Delhi India

We are a fast growing animation production company in New Delhi, India. We have the team of animators specializes in the 2-D and 3-D animation. We have a business proposal for you.

You must be knowing that production cost of animation out here in India is very less compared to U.S.A. as it is easy to find man power for production. So we would like to join hands with you where we would be sharing your work at much lower costs and that would help you to finish the work quickly and cost of production would be quite low compared to your last job. In that case both yours and ours company would be benefited in the financial matters. We expect to see your positive reply and hope that we would be joining hands soon.

I’m Sure It Is: India

Many warm greetings!!! MIPTV is right around the corner and we would love to have an opportunity to meet you (if you are attending). We will not be having any booth but would be willing to meet you at your booth or a mutual meeting spot. As of now our schedule is wide open so please suggest a date/time that accommodates you.

Briefly about us: we are an experienced team in complete CG films, home videos and television series, special effects and advertisements. From concept to completion this studio, as a team, devotes its valuable efforts in realization of Animations. The team has an in-depth involvement in production of 3 full length feature films, animation and special effects in over 100 films in India and projects from overseas

Our areas of interest are:
Co-production opportunities for various projects(with investment in productions)
Work for hire/services in the areas of 3D animation & visual effects

Thanking you in anticipation.

I Don’t Even Know What That Means: India

Initially we would like to introduce ourselves as a company empanelled with INDIAN DEPARTMENT OF SPACE PROVIDING SERVICES like Remote Sensing, Digitisation, Gis data Creations, Image Interpretation etc, etc for various earth science studies over a period of past 11 years of our association. We have gained sufficient experience of these types of jobs also we are well conversant with Image Interpretation and digitisation of earth science thematic map of contour, drainage, Hydrogeomorphology, Soil, Landuse for oceagraphy studies notical charts etc, etc

We are presently upgrading our selves on well-logging data digitisation.

We look forward to you for business tie up & become a data converssion center of yours here in India.

Your Advantage.

1. Low cost labour pool.

2. Fixed out put assured.

3. Quality Job.

We request you to kindly enroll us & send sample job for checking our quality.

But I Have the Advantage, Right?: New Dehli

I am writing to you to express our intention to “Partner with you” in the areas of “2D/ 3D Computer Animation, Flash/ Internet Animation, Digital/ Visual Effects, Multimedia/ Interactive Development”. You can achieve, Cost savings of 30-40% and yet maintain the Lead with both “Quality Advantage” & “Technical Advantage”.

It will be a pleasure to recv from you:

a) Sample of work you would like us to do for you
b) What volumes you can outsource to us per month (Estimated)?
c) At what unit rate cost ?

I am writing to you for establishment of a long term relationship. Looking forward to hearing from you, how to proceed further.

Have Synergy, Seeking Same: Bangalore

“Business enquiry:

We have highly talented professionals who have both domestic and international exposure relating to Traditional Animation (2D), 3D and Visual Effects technologies. The core team of professionals has handled international animation and visual effects projects, and each has an experience of over seven years in their respective fields.

The Studio is one of its kinds in Creating Architectural Structures (Temples, Buildings, Govt. projects etc) and primarily caters to Film, and Broadcast industries. Convergent in the structure and thinking, the Studio depends primarily with the Skills and strength of the core team.

Please view the attachment though its difficult to compress an organization into a brief profile… To identify a synergy, we seek to explore possible areas of collaboration and mutual out-sourcing.”

Bring Out Your Draws!: China and Belgium


We can model props, characters and key locations for you. We can also do morphings for facial animation. We have a team in belgium and in china so we are able to organise small and big projects. We can model nurbs as well as polygonal objetcs. For nurbs we will deliver correct uv setup for 3D paining or direct texturing. For polygonal models you will be able to use subdivition surfaces with them. We avoid triangles and face with more than 4 edges. The models we do are technically accurates.

Our pricing is quite good I think. We work for 220$ per man/day. and we model fast) So if you have a project we can send you an estimate. We just need 1 or 2 a draws for every model in the project. The draws can be normal draws. No need to have technical front and side draws. As we received your draws we will be able to send you a pricing within the 24 hours. If you have a lots of draw to send contact me first so I will send you infos to put your draws on our ftp site.”

What a Coincidence, No? India

“Hi, Happy New Year 2004!

We are a 2D Animation Company, specializing in Flash Animation. We have been successful in our local market, and now we are looking at expanding towards Overseas Clientele. At this juncture, we would love to represent ourselves for acquiring outsourced Flash Animation Series or Design. We also are looking at marketing consultancy. Do let us know of your interest. And pls. do feel free to ask any queries. We’ve also been doing Flash Broadcast Animation. (And we are a husband and wife team too…co-incidence..right) Thanx and Regards”

I’m Also in Minsa!: India

“I gathered information of your esteemed company through my peers in India and via internet. I look forward to you to give me an opportunity to display my technical skill to you and be a part of your hallowed family of intecllectual.”

One Dinner and You Expect Interaction?: India

“We are a group of Professionals with expertise in 2D, 3D, Special Effects, VRML, Web 3D, Gaming etc., who are in to Training and Production of Multimedia. Training wise, We are second to none, providing advanced Training to thousands of students in India.

In Production we have been doing Projects for Utah, U.S.A. and also some outsourced projects from Singapore and Newzealand. We are the first in the country to conduct an International Seminar for three days on Animation and Graphics calling all the leading players from various parts of the world in the field of Animation and currently in the process of setting up the first University of Multimedia in the country.

We would like to say that we are very much committed in Business and our quality is second to none. We would like to interact with your organization for business prospects and all types of outsourcing activities. We expect a positive interaction and favourable reply from your end.”

You Bet I’m Aware: India

“We have come to know from your web site that The Animation Closet, Inc. deals with E-Advertisements, website designing, corporate presentations, etc.

You must be already aware that companies globally have been outsourcing their work to India. According to a survey conducted by the Business Standard (a major financial newspaper published from Delhi, India), the cost of outsourcing one-hour animation work to India is estimated to be close to US$ 64,000 as against US$ 210,000 in other animation centres in Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines in Asian region. In the US, the cost would be between US$ 316,000 to US$ 420,000 to produce one hour of animation. Would you like to partner with a World-class professional company that provides Proven Quality software services? Be assured that you will definitely reduce your operating cost and maximize profits thereof while maintaining superior quality.

You will be amazed at the services we provide at such low prices. If you’re looking for an association that delivers impact consistently, then look no further than the reality behind the image.”

Just in Time for My Trip to Mars: India

“Our talented artists observe and visualize everything under the sun adding strikingly entertaining new dimensions to your life on this planet!”

Worry Anyone Who Bothered to Learn a Skill?: India



This is my first email to you.

I’m the Founder Director & Chief – Business Development & Alliances) of A leading Rich Media custom content, Multimedia & eLearning solutions development organization based in Noida, India.

From last 3+ years with a team of 60 experts, we have been serving some of the global leading and fortune 500 clients like Hewlett Packard, Coca Cola, Canon, Hero Honda Motors, American Graduate School of Management (USA), Maruti Suzuki, KSA Trainings (UK) to name a few. Our core expertise areas are:
1. Multimedia components development (graphics, 2D & 3D)
2. 2D games & interactive courseware development
3. Rich media content development & Instructional design
4. Content Digitization & eBook creations
5. Content Localization (into various International languages)
6. eLearning with or without LMS
7. ePublishing for Online / Offline delivery

We also have some of the best people in Flash, Director, Authorware and other related Macromedia tools, both for GUI and Scripting.

After carefully studying the industry situation of demand/supply and pricing and after analyzing your business areas, I’m offering you our services in the above mentioned domains. We also have considered to lower our pricing to avg. USD $12 per person hour. If you are interested, I would like to speak to you on this around late next week. A brief agenda for my call is mentioned below:
– Finding out your exact requirements
– Mapping our available skill sets and past experience with your requirements
– Team size that can be dedicatedly formed/allocated for you
– Modus operandi of our work relationship and pricing
– References of our existing clients for you
– Showcasing our existing work samples”

I’ll Wear a White Carnation: India

“Hello, I hope this finds you well.

MIPCOM is right around the corner and we would love to have an opportunity to meet you (if you are attending). We will not be having any booth but would be willing to meet you at your booth or a mutual meeting spot. As of now our schedule is wide open so please suggest a date/time that accommodates you. Thanking you in anticipation. Meanwhile have a nice day ahead.”

May You Prosper and Multiply: Dubai

“Allow me to introduce our company located at Dubai Internet City in Dubai. We are an ITE-BPO service provider offering BPO services in the areas of digital entertainment, CRM and back office services from Dubai and India.

We are strategically located and equipped to offer multilingual digital outsourced production services at the best economical rates. Availability of cost effective, creative and talented manpower from all over the world (French speaking artists are available from Algeria, Morocco or German speaking artists from Czech Republic etc), excellent studio facilities, world-class quality control methodologies etc, make us an attractive partner for creative outsourcing strategy.

With the network of studios and creative talents, One World concentrates on 2D, 3D animation, post- production work for TV and feature film productions, Games, Mobile Applications ( CDMA ) Flash based graphics etc. We work for creative studios such as yours and take the responsibility of production at the highest quality and low cost, which will increase your profitability per job many fold.

I would like to schedule a conference call with you at a time of your conveniences to explain further on how we could assist you to reduce cost, and enhance quality of your digital assignments.

Kindly let me know the same”

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