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This turned out to be a very exciting day, as talks between Disney and Pixar concerning their distribution deal ended with Pixar’s release after the next two films are up. This is an appropriate blow to Disney, who closed Florida feature only a few weeks ago and announced that they would produce all future releases […]

I’ve been graciously offered a subscription to Animation Express, a newsletter that beams itself right into my inbox from I appreciate this to no end; how else would I get frequent updates about foreign outsourcing that I can bring to the attention of other artists, and where oh where would I be without so […]

Oscar nominations are out today, and no great surprises there if you caught the Globes. What I noticed immediately while going over the list was my prediction was correct: Destino is in the running for Best Animated Short. Competition in that category is meager these days, but to be fair Destino is a solid entry, […]

The Golden Globes were on last night, an awards show that has perhaps developed more clout than it deserves, considering the source. But as Finding Nemo was up for an award as best musical or comedy, it became animation news. “Nemo” would have been an unlikely winner, given that it’s difficult to make a logical […]

The website update delayed my reporting on this, but last week Scott and I attended our first meeting with Cartoonists Northwest. I was immediately impressed by the age range of the members. There were vets, newbies, interested parties, dabblers and a smattering of high school students. Last week’s presentation was on self-publishing, which I’ll talk […]

This week some very alarming news came out: while IBM will be adding 15,000 jobs, only 4500 will be offered to Americans. Meanwhile, 3000 of their existing jobs will be exported out of the country. In honor of that charming revelation from my former employer, I will now be posting excerpts from the numerous and […]

This has been no surprise to members of Animation Nation, but the closure of Walt Disney Feature in Florida has finally come to pass. It hit the Orlando Sentinel today, making it official in a final way the LA studio never got to enjoy. 600-700 artists and craftsman lost their jobs, but more than that, […]

I’m very proud to see Animation Nationpersonally thanked in a letter from Roy Disney, jr. I have watched Mr. Disney on television since I was a child, holding onto animation’s glory days. Without him, Fantasia 2000 would not have happened. Without him, Wild Life would have. The Nation has shown itself repeatedly to be THE […]

It’s not the New Year without Chris Robinson displaying his usual amount of class, contributing to everyone’s hangover from last year with a little kvetching and moaning. Animation World Magazine inexplicably continues to publish articles by the Animation Pimp. He was soundly booed off of Animation Nation sometime around September 11th; I think I had […]

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