Scott and I support Roy Disney and his cause, and if you support him too, you can let him know by going to Letters and cartoons related to the Roy Disney movement can be submitted to the site and have a good chance of being posted. Eisner is on a mission to remove everyone that criticizes him from power, and we are on a mission to remove Eisner. Why do I loathe Mr. Eisner? My reasons follow:

  1. For having the vision to allow Michael Graves to create the Swan and the Dolphin, only to hand over their upkeep to chains outside of Disney. They are the most poorly kept up hotels in the parks.
  2. For supporting his ignoramus of a son’s porn cartoon website, (now defunct).
  3. For the pathetic deterioration of Disneyland that has caused the close of several attractions and numerous serious accidents.
  4. For Disney’s California Adventure, called “cheap” by Roy himself, though all of us knew it already.
  5. For producing the Insane Clown Posse. Because they’re controversial? No, because they’re terrible.
  6. For unleashing Britney Spears and N’Sync on an innocent world. What did we do to deserve that?
  7. For refusing to exercise even some minor controls over the melee that is Gay Day.
  8. For his unholy alliance with the Weinsteins, who have every right to make films (many of which are very good), but should not be doing so in partnership with a company that calls themselves “family.”
  9. For wasting time and money on ABC.
  10. And the best reason of all, for the repeated desecration of some of the best films ever made with sequels that are not only written with only money in mind, but made so much on the cheap that even the kids are disgusted.

And let me add, that I loved the Country Bears, and removing the ride, then following it up with a farce of a movie, was really the icing on the cake, even for Eisner.

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