Some big events have come up in the news this week. While driving to work in the early AM, I heard that Roy Disney, jr resigned as a board member of the Disney company. I admit that when I first heard that there was big Disney news I was hoping that Michael Eisner had been ousted at last. Roy’s letter condemning Eisner was beautiful, as was Stanley Gold’s, and I’m predicting that Eisner is done. I believe he’ll be done before a year is out; there is nothing more effective than lots and lots of negative publicity.

The bad news this week is the closing of the 2D department at Knowledge Adventure. KA has faithfully been producing educational programs for children for many years using techniques that combine Flash and traditional animation. A number of close friends and aquaintances lost their jobs, so this is a personal issue for me, but it’s also yet another example of the swift disappearance of 2D animation. I’ve been mourning the rapid deterioration of an art form for four years, and the layoffs at KA are part of that trend. With every replacement of 2D by 3D, my heart breaks all over again.

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