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It’s time to talk about that favorite subject of mine, my personal crusade, foreign outsourcing. No one is talking about it, and we are in serious trouble. Candidate Howard Dean says he plans on creating two million jobs if elected. But it isn’t creation we need, it’s retention! No one was concerned when animators lost […]

Scott and I support Roy Disney and his cause, and if you support him too, you can let him know by going to Letters and cartoons related to the Roy Disney movement can be submitted to the site and have a good chance of being posted. Eisner is on a mission to remove everyone […]

Triplettes of Belleville is out in Seattle, please pardon me if I choose not to get the French title precisely right. “Triplettes” best asset is the way it takes advantage of the traditional medium to prove once again that animation is not restricted by the laws of physics or even common sense. In its way, […]

Some big events have come up in the news this week. While driving to work in the early AM, I heard that Roy Disney, jr resigned as a board member of the Disney company. I admit that when I first heard that there was big Disney news I was hoping that Michael Eisner had been ousted at last. Roy’s letter condemning Eisner was beautiful, as was Stanley Gold’s, and I’m predicting that Eisner is done. I believe he’ll be done before a year is out; there is nothing more effective than lots and lots of negative publicity.

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