Maridee is in her final stages of development. Scott is doing some amazing inks, and it tooks some thought deciding about her hair. I envisioned her as a brunette, hair literally brown, but Scott is moving more towards black hair. Black hair is going to be much more dramatic on paper, and some decisions had to be made about the highlights at the top. These are the kinds of things I would never think about; I’m too busy going from one script to another to wonder exactly how Maridee’s hairline is going to look. But attention to detail is one of the things I admire most about Scott.

I would like to add that I got the chance to finally meet Michel Gagne at the Vancouver ComicCon. The Con was a very small event, so Gagne’s work really stood out. I was happy to find out that he’s as nice a guy in person as he is when he posts on the Nation. I’ve been a member of Animation Nation for almost four years now, and I’ve gotten the chance to talk to quite a few members in person. Every time I do, I find them to be fun, friendly and professional. Some are new to the animation industry, some are age-old vets, all are enthusiastic about the medium and a genuine pleasure to know. Gagne and his wife are now living in my old home town, and I envy them. Bellingham is one of the most scenic small towns I’ve ever been in, and I was fortunate to get the chance to live there for several years.

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